Outrage as Chorley special school is ransacked by callous vandals

Some of the vandalism and damage at Mayfield School in Chorley
Some of the vandalism and damage at Mayfield School in Chorley
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A special school has been left with a bill of more than £1,000 after being targeted by heartless yobs.

Mayfield School was targeted by criminals over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Cupboards ripped off kitchen doors

Cupboards ripped off kitchen doors

The unknown trespassers went through the school on the Sunday where they where they ransacked kitchen supplies – throwing them around the school – tore off cupboard doors, damaged window blinds, and scrawled lewd graffiti on walls.

The incident has left the state school in Gloucester Road, which caters for 118 pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and moderate learning difficulties (MLD), with a repair bill of around £1,000.

A spokesman for the school said: “The culprits were disturbed after only a few minutes, and so this could have been a lot worse than it is.

“However, it will still cost around £1000 in equipment repairs and staff effort to return the classroom to a usable state, at a time when all schools are having to watch every penny they spend.

Kitchen supplies wasted by the trespassers

Kitchen supplies wasted by the trespassers

“What is not as easy to clear away is the anger and upset that this has caused.

“Our school has suffered many times over the years in this way, and each occurrence has a real and significant impact on our wonderful pupils and staff, as it makes them feel slightly less safe in what should be a happy, caring and welcoming environment.

“Thankfully the local police were quickly on scene and were – as always – incredibly supportive and professional, and we are confident their involvement will be productive, and in short order too.”

Now the local community has rallied around the school and a GoFundMe page has since been set up.

Lewd graffiti

Lewd graffiti

Megan Louise Preston, who is a child care student at nearby Runshaw College in Leyland, established the fund-raising page.

Megan, from Clayton-le-Woods, said: “My goal is to help as many children as possible.

"I want to be a teaching assistant with children who have special needs.

"So when I saw what happened I knew straight away that I needed and wanted to help.

My mum also viewed the school a few months ago. With my younger brother as a potential high school for him in September.

"This was just another reason for me to help.”

More than £700 has been raised for the school so far, with an overall target of £2,000 to help cover all costs involved in the repair work.

A message from Megan on the page writes: “Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, some very nasty people have decided to vandalise Mayfield special school in Chorley.

"This incident has cost the school £1000 of pounds worth of repairs as well as lots of time and effort from staff to sort.

"It has not only effected staff, it has effected the vulnerable children and the families involved in the school.

"I am therefore kindly asking for donations to send to the school.

"The money will go towards any repairs or replacements.”

• To view the GoFundMe page and make a donation to the repair work visit: www.gofundme.com/f/mayfield-special-school-vandalism-attack