On the run prisoner was serving life for grisly manslaughter of elderly actor

Hughie Scanlon, 64, is on the run from Kirkham Prison
Hughie Scanlon, 64, is on the run from Kirkham Prison

An escaped prisoner from Kirkham jail was serving life for the manslaughter of an elderly actor, it has emerged.

Police issued an appeal today (Friday) after Hughie Scanlon went missing on Thursday.

Detectives say the 64-year-old is a "dangerous individual" who poses a particular risk to men.

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And further details of Scanlon's conviction have since emerged.

In 1997, he admitted the manslaughter of actor Albert Morrice, 71.

Mr Morrice was found dead at his flat in Covent Garden, London.

A court later heard he had lain dead for some time before concerned neighbours called the police after noticing his flat dead was ajar.

Officers found him dead with several knives protruding from his chest.

A pathologist told a coroner's hearing the cause of death was stabbing.

Scanlon, who was living on the streets at the time, admitted killing Mr Morrice. He was 42 at the time of his conviction and was remanded to Broadmoor for further medical reports.

He was later sentenced to life in prison.

It is unclear when he was transferred to HMP Kirkham, which is an open prison.

Police said on Friday that a member of the public had spotted Scanlon in Blackpool near to the resort's war memorial.

Det Ch Insp Lee Wilson, of Blackpool Police, said: "We believe Scanlon to still be in the Blackpool area.

"He was last seen close to the cenotaph and we are very concerned about the risk he poses to the public, particularly men."