On-the-run murderer arrested

Arnold Pickering from Chadderton
Arnold Pickering from Chadderton
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A former HMP Kirkham inmate has been returned to custody after absconding from an open prison for the third time.

Killer Arnold Pickering, 44, failed to return to HMP Kennett in Maghull, Merseyside, after being given day release form the prison.

Pickering, who stabbed a man who was wrongly believed to be a paedophile to death, was granted leave from the prison despite being known to abscond on at least three separate occasions.

In 2009 he absconded from HMP Kirkham after being let out to empty bins in Manchester.

Pickering absconded on Sunday with another inmate, Thomas Moffett, 51, who is serving an indeterminate sentence for a number of robberies.

However Moffett was arrested on Sunday in Blackburn and Pickering on Monday.