Nurse ‘made patient punch himself in face’ at care home

Home: Murray was an agency worker at Priory Park when the alleged incident occurred
Home: Murray was an agency worker at Priory Park when the alleged incident occurred
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A nurse grabbed an elderly dementia sufferer by the wrists and made him punch himself in the face, a tribunal heard.

John Murray allegedly restrained the ‘startled’ pensioner who had lashed out at him for checking his continence pad without warning.

The nurse had snoozed through the night shift on January 30 last year after ordering residents to bed, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard. Murray also lifted one elderly woman by the legs to clean her at the Priory Park Care Home in Penwortham, it is said.

Carer Angela Tyson, who worked the night shift with Murray, told the tribunal she was ‘horrified’ by what she saw.

She said: “At the beginning of the shift John and I kind of joked it would be a bit like the blind leading the blind or words to that effect.

“John told me he had not worked at Priory House in a while and it was my first night shift and we were therefore not over familiar with the residents on the floor.”

One resident, identified as Resident D, required one-to-one care, suffered from dementia and could be violent.

Mrs tyson added: “He was generally more violent towards men... on a few occasions during the shift he attacked his male one-to-one carer and fell to the floor.

“At around 6am, I woke John as he had been sleeping intermittently during the shift to ask about doing the residents’ checks before the day staff came on,” she said.

“When we got to Resident D’s room, he was flat on the bed with one leg over the side and a foot on the rail.

“I was getting a fresh continence pad off the trolley and when I turned to go into the room John just literally leaned over him to check his pad.”

Mrs Tyson told the panel she would always inform residents what was happening before checking out of ‘dignity.’

“Resident D woke up and punched him because he was startled. John grabbed Resident D’s wrists and crossed his arms over his chest to restrain him. Resident D was trying to get John off him and to get out of his restraint. John, with his hands wrapped around Resident D’s wrists, started making Resident D punch himself on the face.”

Murray denies all the allegations relating to January 30, 2013. The nurse, then employed by NYS Nursing Agency, has admitted one charge that he failed to administer or sign for tramadol at Walton House in Preston last year.