MURDER TRIAL: Knife accused returned to scene to ask for phone back

SCENE: Officers are Albrighton Crescent and, inset, victim Adam Wilson
SCENE: Officers are Albrighton Crescent and, inset, victim Adam Wilson
  • Mum-of-two breaks down in harrowing video interview
  • She tells interviewing officer they split because he was a “different person” in drink
  • Preston man denies murdering Adam Wilson
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A mum-of-two broke down in a harrowing video interview played to jurors as she relived the moment she tried to help her friend after he was stabbed by her ex.

Jodie Emery said her two young children had woken when ex Jason Taylor, 21, of Westfield, Lostock Hall, burst into her home.

Preston Crown Court previously heard on September 22 last year, he bombarded her with calls and texts before cycling to her house in Albrighton Crescent, and kicking in the door of the house while the children slept upstairs.

Her friend Adam Wilson, 25, who was visiting, suffered a fatal knife wound to the leg.

Taylor denies murder.

Miss Emery sobbed as she told how Taylor returned to her home for a second time, still with a knife in his hand, after the stabbing, asking for his phone.

She had told him she had called police to which he replied: “You grassed?” before fleeing through the back garden. She then returned to Mr Wilson, who had already told her he had been stabbed.

She said: “I don’t think he (Taylor) realised what he had done.

“When I came back inside, Adam was completely different. There was no life in him. His eyes were still open but he was just white.

“He was freezing.

“I thought I could feel a pulse. I tried to lay him down but couldn’t lift him. I tried to put pressure on.”

Taylor, wearing a white shirt, sat with his arms folded as the video was played.

In evidence, Miss Emery said she believed he had bought to weapon on their holiday in Scarborough.

She told the interviewing officer they split up because he was a “different person” in drink, but Taylor could not accept the relationship was over.

Describing their history she said: “It was good at first. When he drinks it’s unpredictable, really.

“He’s not violent towards people but will take it out on himself. He’s never hit me. He once smashed a plate over his own head in anger.”

She added she met Adam through a mutual friend and had chatted to him on Facebook. She revealed he had asked her out but she had refused because it was “too soon”. (Proceeding)