Mum threw glass at pub worker’s head

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A mum who threw a glass at a pub door supervisor as her son was led outside has been ordered to pay a fine and compensation.

Helen Ingram, of Lutwidge Avenue, Preston, denied a charge of assault by beating, but was found guilty after a trial at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecuting, Suzy Privett said Oliver Dennis, who works as a supervisor at the Golden Cross pub on Lancaster Road, Preston, was made aware of a man who had “been involved in an incident” on the evening of August 29.

She said “ He approached the man who was in front of the bar and asked him to come to the front.

“Once at the doorway he asked the man for his drink.

“The man pulled away and Mr Dennis tried to get his glass from him.

“He got the glass. He then attempted to move the man and as he did he felt a glass smash on the back of his head and liquid, which was beer not blood.

“He saw the shards of glass go past him.”

The court heard the landlady of the pub, who had grabbed Ingram to stop her approaching them, witnessed the 39-year-old mum throw the glass.

The incident was also caught on CCTV footage.

The victim suffered no physical injuries to his head, but had a headache afterwards, the bench was told.

Defending, Michael Leach said Ingram had not done it deliberately and had not been causing any trouble beforehand.

The bench ordered her to pay £50 compensation to her victim, a £55 fine, a £60 surcharge and £300 costs.

She must also have 12 months alcohol treatment and supervision.