Mum of missing Preston teen Michael Brooks appeals for information

Missing: Michael Brooks
Missing: Michael Brooks

The mum of missing teenager Michael Brooks has told how her whole family is suffering in the wake of her son's disappearance.

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The mum of Michael Brooks wants him home

The mum of Michael Brooks wants him home

Michael Brooks went missing nearly three weeks ago in the early hours of Sunday, January 14 and is believed to have made his way to Avenham Park and then into Miller Park.

The last confirmed sighting of Michael is on CCTV on Glover’s Court at about 1:20am.

Heartbroken mum, Joanne Brooks, has said that members of her family have been desperately searching Avenham Park where her 19 year-old-son was last seen, but are still unsure what caused him to disappear.

She said: "I'm so angry and upset. It's been weeks and I still can't find him.

"My sister Cheryl has been in the park every single day trying to trace his steps until the early hours of the morning.

"Friends and other members of the family have been out looking, but we still have nothing.

"We know he went into the park, but we don't know what happened there.

"There have been a few sightings reported to the police but none of them have checked out.

"I'm just heartbroken. Someone must know something - people don't just disappear. I want him home.

"This has had a huge impact on all of our family - nobody is sleeping, nobody is eating.

"The thought of that park just makes me feel physically sick. "

Police say they are continuing to investigate Michael's disappearance.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: "Michael is still missing. We’ve already done, and continue to do, a huge amount of work both in terms of physical searches, along with partners, and checking CCTV and looking into other information which comes in.

"We are continuing to liaise closely with the family and we met with them this week to update them.

"The investigation will continue until all reasonable lines of enquiry have been exhausted."

Friends and family are set to continue their searches for Michael over the weekend.