Morecambe abuse victim's relief as judge rejects attempts by his attacker to appeal his conviction

A survivor of humiliating and degrading sexual abuse has spoken of his relief after appeal court judges threw out his abuser's attempts to reduce his prison sentence.

Tuesday, 6th October 2020, 4:08 pm

Wayne Pilsworth had to go through two trials to bring his attacker Paul Anthony Timmis, 54, formerly of Springfield Avenue, Bacup, to justice.

Timmis, who denied the vile string of rapes and assaults, is now serving a 14 year jail term.

He tried to bring his conviction and sentence to the Court of Appeal, causing further trauma to Mr Pilsworth, but a judge has now rejected his case.

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Wayne has depicted his journey in tattoos, including one of a Preston judge

Today Mr Pilsworth, who previously waived his legal right to anonymity to raise awareness of sexual abuse, said: " I'm happy with the news, I just hope he never gets out now."

His harrowing ordeal dates back to the 1980s, when he was just 11 and his neighbour introduced him to Timmis, who was in his 20s.

Timmis groomed the impressionable school boy with cigarettes, alcohol and money, trips to gaming arcades, and lavished attention on him that he didn't have from his parents.

Timmis would sneak him into his parents' house and hide him in his wardrobe.

Wayne, with his wife, after Timmis' sentencing last year

The youngster came from a challenging background, and when his parents were evicted from their home in Manchester, Timmis forced him to move in with him.

The adult went on to repeatedly rape and indecently assault his vulnerable victim in various locations that they moved to including Kirkham, Freckleton, Blackpool, and Greater Manchester between 1987 and 2000.

But in 2000, Mr Pilsworth refused to move to Scarborough and fled his attacker.

He got a job at Tiggis in Guildhall Street, Preston, but unknown to his colleagues was sleeping rough on benches in the city.

Eventually he obtained shared accommodation off Fishergate Hill.

In 2004 he met his wife Teresa in Blackpool, and the couple, who now have three children, moved to Morecambe.

In 2017 he finally disclosed his ordeal to Lancashire Police.

Mr Pilsworth has since depicted his traumatic story in unusual tattoos daubed all over his upper body.

They include the face of the judge who presided over Timmis' first trial at Preston Crown Court, and a lone wolf 'looking back' on his life

Anyone affected by issues raised in this story can call police on 101.