MISERY: Preston homes targeted by egg throwing yobs

Homes facing Waverly park targeted by yobs
Homes facing Waverly park targeted by yobs
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The lives of residents on a main throughfare into Preston city centre are being made a misery by egg throwing yobs, it has been claimed.

Neighbours on New Hall Lane in Ribbleton complained to police officers in the city about anti social behaviour by young people using Ribbleton Park, known locally as Waverly Park.

One woman told an online PACT meeting how some youngsters had been throwing stones and eggs at passing cars, shouting and screaming late at night, kicking people’s back doors along the back of the park and throwing stones and beer cans at the bedroom windows of residents whose homes face the park.

A group of between six and 12 people have been seen by locals.

Police said they have already launched an operation to tackle a group known to be causing problems in the area, including a visit to the park by the Mounted Police.

They also told residents they are hoping to obtain Criminal Behaviour Orders against the ringleaders.