Man who hit neighbour with hammer jailed

Jailed: Mark Eade
Jailed: Mark Eade
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A man has been jailed for 12 months over a hammer attack on his neighbour who had challenged him over making banging noises at 7.10am.

Preston’s Sessions House Court heard Mark Robert Owen Eade, of Croft Road, Chorley, set on victim Steven Davidson after he knocked on Eade’s door on October 2 to complain about the noise he was making.

What is all the noise about - it’s ten past seven?

Eade struck him over the head and shouted: “Don’t come near my door again.”

Mr Davidson suffered a head injury that needed glueing by medics.

Eade admitted causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Simon Newell said an immediate custodial sentence was appropriate for the 38-year-old.

Prosecuting, Hanifa Patel said the defendant had opened his front door and the victim had remonstrated with him saying ‘What is all the noise about - it’s ten past seven?’

He felt a heavy strike to his head and saw a hammer in defendant’s hand.”

The court heard the victim felt dizzy but managed to walk back to his house, with blood running down his face, and alert his brother to what had happened.

He was taken to hospital to get the injury treated.

When police officers knocked on Eade’s front door he said the door was nailed shut and they had to go to the rear.

In interview he claimed the act was self defence, saying it was not a deliberate and the victim ‘came round kicking off’.