Man threatened to ‘smash ex partner’s face in’ just weeks after being released from jail

Stock views of Preston- Magistrates' Court.  PIC BY ROB LOCK'29-1-2015
Stock views of Preston- Magistrates' Court. PIC BY ROB LOCK'29-1-2015
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A SPURNED man hurled abuse at his ex-partner weeks after being released from a jail sentence for harassing her.

David Shaw, 29, of Thirlmere Road, Chorley, told the woman he would “smash her face in” as she walked down the street with her new partner at around 10am on June 2, Preston magistrates heard.

Prosecuting, Alex Mann said: “There has been history of offences. He has a recent conviction for harassment that led to six weeks in prison on May 8. Following a further complaint to police he was recalled on licence.

“She was walking down road with her friend, saw the defendant on the opposite side walking in opposite direction on Moor Road.

“She ignored him and he made an insulting comment towards her, and commented: ‘I’m going to smash your face in.’

“He didn’t cross the road or make any move. She says she felt angry, annoyed, and distressed, and because of the previous history it’s making her concerned to leave her home.”

Defending him, David Scully said: “He accepts he’s shouted words across to her when she was in company with her new partner. It’s clear the relationship had ended and matters became strained.

“He says he wants nothing more to do with this lady and will stay away.”

Shaw, appearing via video link, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour.

District Judge Jane Goodwin said: “There is a history of this behaviour, I have to bear that in mind , but I also bear in mind the recent prison sentence you have served.”

She imposed a two year conditional discharge, a 12 month restraining order, a £15 surcharge, £150 criminal courts charge and £85 costs.