Man tasered after punching police officer

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A 21-year-old man was tasered after he punched a police officer in the face.

The incident happened after the man was seen running down the middle of a main road, with no top on, in the early hours of the morning in Chorley.

Police received a report of the man on Pall Mall.

When a police officer attended and got out of his van, he was punched in the face by the man who also tried to head butt him.

Sergeant Kevin Mountain, of the Chorley neighbourhood policing team, said: “A violent struggle ensued between the officers and male.”

He said the officer used PAVA to try to bring the man under control before a second officer arrived and deployed a Taser.

The stun gun brought the man under control.

A Taser is an electroshock weapon used by police forces to subdue people who may be violent, or trying to flee from officers, for example.

They are capable of discharging tens of thousands of volts.

PAVA spray is an incapacitant spray dispensed from a hand-held canister.

“The male was taken to Chorley Hospital because of the condition he was clearly in, under the influence of some substance, where he remained in a very volatile and violent manner,” said sergeant Mountain.

“Four officers continued in assisting in restraining the male while at hospital.

“He was de-arrested at hospital because of the urgent need for hospital treatment.

“There will be further inquiries to deal with any criminal complaints.

“We are appealing for anyone who witnessed the male or may have been threatened by him to come forward because one person has reported being threatened by him. There may be others.”

Anyone with information can ring police on 101.

The incident happened at 4.40am on Saturday, March 1.