Man spared jail after threats to ‘slice’ a doorman’s face outside Preston nightclub

A man who threatened to "slice the face" of a doorman after being refused entry to a Preston nightclub was spared jail when he appeared in court.

By Brian Ellis
Tuesday, 5th July 2022, 3:49 pm

Magistrates heard Martin Parkinson, 38, from Leyland had a "hefty" record of offending, including being given a suspended prison sentence for assaulting an emergency worker in 2020.

Despite that Parkinson was given another suspended jail term after the justices heard he was "genuinely remorseful" for twice punching the security manager outside Blitz Club on Church Row.

He pleaded guilty to common assault and threatening behaviour and was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison suspended for a year. He was also ordered to engage with the probation service and pay his victim £50 compensation.

Blitz doorman was assaulted after denying Parkinson entry.

The magistrates were told he regretted his actions on a night out for his sister’s birthday. He had been drinking and had recently split up from his partner. Since the incident his mother had passed away.

Over the years Parkinson, of Broad Green Close, was said to have amassed 43 convictions, five of which were for offences against the person.

The court heard that the security manager working on the door at Blitz initially told Parkinson to join the queue outside the live music venue. But then, noticing he was wearing sportswear, which was not permitted, he told him he could not go in.

He asked him to go home and change and then he would be let in. But Parkinson became aggressive and told him: "I’ll slice your face."

Preston Magistrates Court.

A member of the public tried to assist, but Parkinson continued shouting. At that point he reached down to his sock and the doorman, thinking he was about to pull out a knife, pushed him away before trying to close the club's doors and summon other staff.

Parkinson shouted "I'll still slice your face." And at that point he punched him in the eye and in the body.

When police arrived he was still behaving in an aggressive manner and was arrested.

Solicitor Sam Martin, defending, said the doorman had suffered only "reddening" to his face in the incident. Parkinson, he said, genuinely showed remorse for his actions that night.

"He had joined a night out for his sister's birthday and would have felt embarrassed and angry (to be denied entry into the club) and that, coupled with drink, caused him to react in the way he has," he said.

"He made an effort to reach his sock in an attempt to get money out. The bouncer thought he was going for a knife. But that wasn't the case, he wasn't in possession of a knife.

"He (the doorman) pushed Mr Parkinson and then Mr Parkinson struck him back causing reddening (to his face).

"At that specific time he had split with his current partner, he was living with his sister and was obviously upset.

"He accepts that when he drinks he can be reckless. He admits that in this case he was tipsy."

Suggesting a custodial sentence was not necessary, Mr Martin added: "In my opinion he is quite clearly someone who requires the assistance of the probation service.

"Since the commission of this offence and his mother's passing he has kept alcohol to a minimum."