Man harassed Lytham pensioner with vile text messages

A man repeatedly sent his ex partner's mother offensive messages, a court has heard.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 1:12 pm
Updated Friday, 7th September 2018, 1:21 pm
Davy Billington

Davy Billington, 40, of Old Lancaster Lane, Ashton, Preston, started texting the 68-year-old at 9pm on October 14 last year and went on to send 16 messages, despite her pleas for him to leave her alone.

As the woman sat at her home in Lytham St Anne's he messaged her claiming her daughter was in bed with someone else, chillingly adding: "I can see her now. "

Over the following two days he also bombarded his ex partner with similar texts and also visited her home in Lytham, Preston Crown Court heard.

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Davy Billington

Prosecuting, Frances McEntee said: "His ex partner's statement sets out considerable background and while the defendant is only to be sentenced for harassment, the harassment order may lead your Honour to have an understanding of the tumultuous circumstances.

"The complainant describes a difficult relationship, it's one in which she say there was domestic violence.

"She describes the defendant's behaviour as worse when he was on drink and drugs, and all of that background led to her getting him out of her flat about 18 months ago.

"The defendant was imprisoned not long before these matters and he was arrested soon as he was released as he kicked her door in.

"On October 14 she started getting abusive texts and voicemails. He was accusing her of seeing somebody else and it would seem that message was reflected in those sent to her mother.

He added the messages referred to her in "the most demeaning terms" between 10.15pm and 10.27pm on October 15 as part of a "continuing barrage of texts" she was receiving.

Among them he complained she should not have another man in her life, criticised her and suggested her new partner was aged, implying she could do no better.

Earlier she had seen him look through her fence.

Mr McEntee added: " She describes herself as being constantly in fear for her safety and says he has threatened if she gets a new partner he'll kill them both and throw acid in her face.

"Her mother indicated she was aware of the background of her daughter's relationship with the defendant and the background of domestic violence."

The court heard in the past he had turned up on the pensioner's doorstep when he was living out of his van, and she had provided him with blankets, pillows and pillow cases

He admitted two counts of harassment and breaching a suspended sentence.

Judge Beverley Lunt imposed a six week jail term, suspended for nine months, and an extra 10 hours of unpaid work to mark a breach of a previous suspended jail term.