Man fined after throwing Chinese takeaway at his elderly mum

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Court news
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A man who admitted assaulting his own mother was given a warning: “Step out of line again and you will be locked up.”

Magistrate Charles Tracey was addressing 34-year-old John Hartley, of Garstang Road South, Wesham.

Hartley pleaded guilty to assaulting his 66-year-old mother by throwing a Chinese takeaway at her and putting his arm across the back of her neck at her Wesham home.

The magistrate sentenced unemployed Hartley to 16 months supervision and ordered him to pay £145 in costs.

Mr Tracey said:”You are 34 years of age and you had a go at your own mother.You were very close to going to prison.This is your final warning.”

Hartley turned up drunk at his mother’s home and demanded money. He then flew into a rage .

Steven Townley, defending said: “My client has a drink problem which he is trying to deal with and wants help.”