Man brandished machete at Preston Lidl security guard in front of horrified children and shoppers

A man who brandished a fearsome blade at a supermarket security guard in front of horrified children and shoppers has been jailed for 16 months

Friday, 12th June 2020, 3:45 pm

Michael Bailey, 42, of Waverley Gardens, Ribbleton, Preston, was challenged by worker Adiel Hussain on April 10 as he tried to leave the Lidl store on New Hall Lane, Preston, without paying for a bottle of sherry.

Mr Hussain was shocked when he saw the machete in his waistband and asked him to place it on the floor, due to youngsters being in the store, but Bailey turned aggressive, threatening to slash him.

Shocked members of public helped him to tackle Bailey to the ground and grab the machete while police were called to the scene.

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Members of public help to subdue Bailey

In an appearance before Preston Crown Court he admitted possessing a blade in public.

Judge Philip Parry, sentencing Bailey at Preston Crown Court, praised Mr Hussain's courage, and said: " It's remarkable how brave he was when he in fact then tackled you to the ground, grabbed your arm and forced you to put the machete down, and it's through some good fortune that he wasn't injured in doing so.

"I state again how incredibly brave Mr Hussain was, and all of this was in the full view of children and other shoppers. This must have been a very, very frightening encounter for people to have witnessed."

Prosecuting, Beth Pilling said at 5.55pm Mr Hussain had stopped the defendant from leaving the store with what was suspected to be two unpaid bottles of sherry.

Member of public grabs the machete from Bailey

She added: "He could see one in the defendant's hand and the other he couldn't see.

"As the defendant opened his jacket he could see the bottle and the tip of a knife. He immediately asked the defendant why he was carrying a knife.

"The defendant explained he was carrying it for protection.

"The security guard asked him to leave the weapon on the floor so he could dispose of it as there were children in the store.

Police arrive at the scene

"At that stage the victim describes him as aggressive and wild. He became volatile swinging and waving it."

The court heard he moved the blade in a "stabbing type motion" and Mr Hussain had to move back to avoid two or three clear swings towards him.

The aftermath was caught by a passer by and was circulated on social media.

In an interview Bailey said he had recently been attacked and had no intention to steal the sherry, explaining he paid for one and "forgot to pay" for the other.

He has 73 convictions for 130 offences starting in 1992, including two for knife crime.

Defending, Kimberley Obrusik said he had long standing alcohol issues and accepted it would be an immediate prison term, but asked the judge to leave some "light at the end of the tunnel" as Bailey has maintained abstinence from drink and drugs in jail.