Man, 27, who attacked love rival avoids jail

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Court news
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A man who assaulted a love rival in a vicious attack in his shed has been spared jail.

Lewis John Arrowsmith, 27, of Willows Park Lane, Longridge, pleaded guilty to causing Peter Ramsbottom – his former friend of 10 years – actual bodily harm (ABH).

Preston Crown Court heard Arrowsmith, who was trained in kickboxing, was jealous his friend had started seeing his long-term partner while the couple were on a break.

On October 17, Mr Ramsbottom was in his shed when he heard a vehicle outside.

Seconds later, Arrowsmith was at the shed and started punching Mr Ramsbottom in the face.

Mr Ramsbottom knew he didn’t stand a chance against Arrowsmith, who carried on punching him until he fell to the floor.

While Mr Ramsbottom lay on the floor, with his hands held up to protect his head, Arrowsmith kicked and stamped on him repeatedly.

He then looked at the man lying on the floor and walked away, back to his vehicle.

Mr Ramsbottom suffered cuts to his face and head, swelling to his eye and bruising all over his body.

The court heard Arrowsmith is of previous good character and does charity work for the annual Chipping Steam Fair.

Judge Christopher Cornwall, sentencing, said: “You are fortunate that this charge is not significantly more serious.

“When there is a sustained attack by one man against another, which results in the victim going to the ground and then being kicked and stamped upon, and when he tries to get up, being knocked to the ground and beaten further, there is a very high chance that there will be a fracture to the jaw or even the skull.

“It is pretty obvious to everyone that no good was to ever come out of this meeting. You took him by surprise. If you had gone there to talk about it, you could have given him a phone call to at least let him know what was in your mind.”

Judge Cornwall handed Arrowsmith a 12-month sentence, suspended for 18 months with supervision, and 200 hours of unpaid work.