Leyland woman bit partner’s bicep because she was hungover

Preston Magistrates Court
Preston Magistrates Court
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A woman who was found guilty of biting her ex partner’s bicep is expected to be sentenced on Monday by Preston Magistrates.

Hungover Michaela Houghton, 25, sunk her teeth so deeply into her fiance’s muscle he needed hospital treatment, a hearing was previously told.

Houghton, who was late for her job on the phones at Leyland Taxis, allegedly punched and bit her then boyfriend, security worker Martin Horbury, when he suggested she went into work.

He had to have a hepatitis C jab and treatment for the wound.

Houghton, of Westfield Drive, Leyland, denied assault at Preston Magistrates’ Court, saying she had bitten him in self defence because he was “being aggressive”.

The court heard on Saturday August 2 Mr Horbury woke her up to say she should go into work when he realised he had slept through the alarm and she was late for work.

Houghton admitted in court she had stabbed a previous boyfriend, who had subjected her to domestic violence.

She said on five occasions she had been attacked by a previous partner which had “made her scared”.

She also admitted previously assaulting her mum.

But the court also heard Horbury had himself been cautioned for assaulting her – which he claimed was in self defence during another incident.

He gave evidence behind a screen during her trial in which he said: “She grabbed me, dragged me onto the bed. She grabbed my arm, straightened it out, and bit me.

“I knew something had happened, I didn’t realise the extent of the damage until I got outside and saw the blood through my shirt.”