Leyland man threatens to “light up” petrol doused woman

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Crime news
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A man doused his lover in petrol then threatened to ‘light her’ as he held a lit blowtorch to her.

Christopher Newton, 28, also known as Moore, subjected the woman, from Leyland, to a terrifying ordeal.

On a separate occasion Moore, of Cumberland Avenue, Leyland, also drove the same victim down a country lane and punched her in the head as he raged at her.

Preston police’s public protection unit, which deals with domestic violence, launched a probe into incidents between March and August last year.

Preston’s Sessions House Court heard on August 6 the victim went to a friend’s wedding and during the journey, he drove her down a country lane and hit her whilst he was driving.

He stopped to replace the car’s oil and jabbed the oil jug in her back.

Prosecuting, Tom Lord said the petrol incident occurred between March and August.

He said: “Mr Moore poured petrol over her and threatened to ‘light her up’ whilst holding a blowtorch close to her. It was lit.

“The two charges of criminal damage relate to him cutting up her clothes and on one occasion smashing her laptop after she had been to a wedding.

Mr Lord said: “He had allegedly disconnected a part on her car to stop her going but she established the problem and the issue was fixed.

“When she returned home later, he said she would have to sleep in her car, then said he had cut up her clothes and smashed her new laptop.”

Judge Simon Newell said Moore would be sentenced on a date to be announced due to legal issues regarding an earlier sentence he received.