Leyland hero snatched keys from drink driver

Magistrates' Court
Magistrates' Court

A heroic passer by snatched the car keys from the ignition of a drink driver’s car, a court has heard.

Driver John Newby, of Starkie Street, Leyland, pleaded guilty to a charge of drink driving after the incident.

The 59-year-old motorist has now been banned from the roads for the next 17 months.

Prosecuting at Preston Magistrates’ Court, Martine Connah said Newby was stopped by a witness, Michael Holgate before any harm was caused.

The court heard he had heard a disturbance outside his place of work on Worden Lane, Leyland, at around 10.20pm on December 21 last year.

When he looked outside he saw a grey Peugeot 3008 vehicle in the middle of the road.

She said: “He saw a car in the middle of the carriageway, stationary, and blocking other traffic.

“The defendant was behind the wheel.

“ He said he was going to pick his wife up.

She added: “He removed the keys from the vehicle to prevent him driving away.

“He asked him to join him inside, and then moved the vehicle out of the road.”

The court heard police were called.

The defendant admitted he had been drinking whiskey.

A breath test found he had 80mg of alcohol in his blood - which is more than double the legal limit.

Defending himself, Newby told the court he had suffered some problems at home after his mum had been found collapsed.

The bench imposed a 17 month driving ban.

Newby was also ordered to pay a £253 fine, a £30 victim surcharge and £85 towards his prosecution costs.

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