Leyland abuser whose painful kicks made victim 'physically sick' is jailed

A domestic abuser who subjected a Leyland woman to seven years of violence and harassment is starting a 15 month jail term.

Tuesday, 7th July 2020, 10:24 am

In his latest crime, Marlon Cross, 35, attacked the mum after walking into her house, uninvited, under the influence of drugs, threatening her and demanding cash, while her children slept upstairs.

During the incident, at 10pm on May 2, he even threatened to take away the childrens' puppy.

Minutes later he grabbed the mum's head, pushed her to the floor and kicked her with such force she was physically sick and feared her ribs were broken.

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Preston Crown Court

Cross, who was subject to a suspended jail term, admitted causing actual bodily harm.

Prosecuting, David Clarke said: "She says when she saw him she could tell straight away from his pupils that he was using heroin again.

"She challenged him about that and he flew into a rage he started verbally abusing her calling her a slag amongst other things and making generally derogatory remarks about friends of hers who happened to be black.

"He demanded at that point she hand over some money.

Marlon Cross

"He said: 'Where's the blade, I'm going to kill you?' and became even more angry when she said she would call the police.

"He followed her into the kitchen where the incident turned physically violent."

Defending, Jane Dagnall said: " He has previously tried to address his problems.

"It is right this has been a particularly volatile relationship.

"At Christmas he had care of his children because she was sent to prison. I don't seek to blacken her character, it's just part of the framework of their particular lives.

"He wants to make his life right, he wants to be a good father."

Cross read a letter in person by video link to Judge Philip Parry apologising for his actions, saying being locked up for 23 hours a day due to the Covid crisis had 'given him time to reflect'.

But imposing a jail term and seven year restraining order, the judge said: " You were plainly spoiling for a fight and some sort of argument that night.

"Even though you knew full well the children were asleep upstairs you threatened to take their puppy away.

"In those circumstances she found herself in, a threat like that, by you, with your history must have utterly terrified her."

"This woman frankly must have been at her wits end with you."