Leather mask rape claim a ‘complete lie’ court is told

Case: Dr Vic Calland is accused of sexual offences and is on trial with George Cameron
Case: Dr Vic Calland is accused of sexual offences and is on trial with George Cameron
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A retired architect has told a court that claims he raped a man at his Preston home, after dressing the homeless lodger in a leather mask, are “a complete fabrication.”

George Cameron, 63, also said he “seriously doubted” claims he and his partner, Dr Victor Calland, walked round their Broadgate home naked, while the man was temporarily staying with them.

Cameron, who splits his time between the home he shares with Calland and an address in Manchester, appeared in the witness box at Preston Crown Court to defend himself against an allegation of rape.

The former architect, who now works as a marketing consultant, insisted that his relationship with Calland was monogamous.

Calland, 60, is jointly charged with rape following an allegation he encouraged the attack on the man, along with a number of other sexual offences.

When asked by Calland’s defence lawyer Michael Auty QC: “Did you ever see Dr Calland behave in any inappropriate way with this man?” Cameron replied: “No. I would have been horrified.”

Under cross examination, Cameron, admitted there had been a number of “sex gadgets” stored in a wardrobe at the house at the time the alleged victim was staying.

However he insisted the leather mask identified by the man during proceedings was a more recent purchase and was not the same mask they owned in 1994.

Over the years, the court heard Cameron and Calland had taken in a number of “waifs and strays”.

However, Cameron insisted the homeless teenager they had taken in two decades ago had fabricated the allegation of rape. Both Cameron and Calland deny the charges and the trial continues.