Lancaster man found guilty of affray involving two women in city

A man has been sentenced for his role in an affray.

Daniel Birhane Abraham, of Norfolk Street, Lancaster, had denied the charge and appeared before Preston Magistrates’ Court for a trial.

Magistrates' Court

Magistrates' Court

But Abraham, who told the court he was an Eritrean national, was later found guilty.

The incident saw him using threatening behaviour towards complainants Kristine Tusha and Lirdona Pitamina with intent to cause them fear of violence.

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Prosecutors said the case relates to the 30-year-old’s involvement in an incident in Lancaster on June 10 this year involving the women.

The offence also put him in breach of a suspended jail term imposed in March 2018 for an assault.

The bench imposed a 12 week jail term, but agreed to suspend it for 24 months.

The magistrates said a prison sentence was necessary due to the nature of offence, and his previous record and character.

They imposed a rehabilitation activity requirement to help him address his behaviour, and ordered him to pay a £50 fine and a £115 victim surcharge.

No order for costs was made on account of his financial situation, and the surcharge was deemed ‘paid’ by detaining him in the court house until the court had finished.