Lancashire police officer faces sack after admitting drink driving

Hutton HQ
Hutton HQ

A police officer could lose his job after drink driving to work at Lancashire Police's headquarters.

Daniel Barnes, of Jubilee Road, Walmer Bridge, pleaded guilty before Preston magistrates, who were told he got behind the wheel of his BMW while nearly double the legal limit.

Prosecutors said the officer, who has a six-year-old daughter, drove along Saunders Lane in Hutton to get to work.

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A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “The matter is being reviewed by our Professional Standards Department.”

The 35-year-old worker had been drinking in Longton the previous night.

He said he had consumed eight pints.

The court heard on the morning of September 2, shortly after he arrived at work, some of his colleagues became concerned he was under the influence of alcohol and a supervisor was informed.

An inspector, who was asked to attend the location where Barnes was working, indicated he could smell alcohol.

Staff also indicated Barnes was “somewhat upset” and had a “glassy appearance” in his eyes.

The court was told in order to protect the defendant’s dignity staff took him away from Hutton HQ and to the Booths car park in Penwortham, where a roadside breath test proved positive.

The officer was then informed he was going to be arrested.

His defence lawyer said he had recently divorced and was distressed at being separated from his daughter.

He had been undergoing counselling for trauma.

She added: “If he knew he was over limit he wouldn’t have driven. Unfortunately it’s a nasty sequence of events that lead to him being here today.”

A professional standards officer from Lancashire Police attended Preston Magistrates’ Court for his hearing.

The bench was informed the outcome of the case would probably lead to dismissal from his job at the Constabulary, where he had also worked as a mechanic.

The bench banned him for 17 months, and he was also ordered to pay a £470 fine, a £47 victim surcharge and £85 costs.