Lancashire Police launches crackdown to target cash machine raids

There have been numerous cash machines raids across the North West
There have been numerous cash machines raids across the North West

Travelling criminals who raid cash machines will be targeted in a new festive police crackdown.

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Lancashire Police is launching Operation Vault focusing on criminals coming to the county to target ATMs, cash in transit and commercial premises in the run up to Christmas.

Officers will use ANPR and intelligence to secure roads in and out of the county and target known offenders and organised crime groups to prevent robberies from taking place.

Police are also calling for businesses and shoppers to be vigilant with the following advice being issued:

• Be vigilant in relation to people behaving suspiciously around ATMs. This may include groups of persons, vehicles or plant equipment near the ATM particularly in isolated locations.
• Look out for anyone acting furtively in post offices, service stations and supermarkets. This may include paying attention to CCTV or to security deliveries.
• Ensure that if you manage such premises you ensure CCTV is focussed on the ATM and is in good working order.

It comes after six men were arrested in dawn raids after a string of cash in transit robberies across East Lancashire and Greater Manchester in June They are set to stand trial in March 2018.