Lancashire Police issue warning after cold callers pretend to be police officers

Police have given advice over cold callers.
Police have given advice over cold callers.
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LANCASHIRE Police are warning people to be vigilant after a report of a cold caller knocking on doors pretending to be police officers.

The report came from the Larches and Savick area of Preston and police also said they were aware of similar reports on Facebook.

Larches resident Debi Dolan received over 5,000 shares on Facebook after she claimed a similar incident had happened to one of her friends. She posted: “A friend of ours had a rather loud knock on their door and men shouting “open up it’s the police. Luckily as it was pretty late and their son knew the police wouldn’t have wanted them for anything, he stopped his mum opening the door.”

She said her friends called the police, who confirmed no officers had been sent to the house. Ms Dolan added: “To all those living on and around the Larches area of Preston, take extra care and don’t open your door to anyone you aren’t expecting!”

In a statement on Facebook, Preston Police responded to the reports saying: “At this stage we have had one report of this with no people having been seen. Whilst there are no further reports and the likelihood being that this was a one-off incident, we would advise people to remain vigilant and check on vulnerable friends and relatives. Please bear in mind that it is unusual for the police to call at your house unless you are expecting them so, if you are unsure, please call us on 101.”

to report anything suspicious.”