Lancashire court listings - Monday, October 23, 2017

Court news
Court news

Here's this week's round-up of cases at Preston’s courts.

Night time home burglar avoids jail

A man who broke into a house as the occupants slept has been given a suspended jail term.

Kevin Hughie Burrell, 50, of Victoria Street, Preston, pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary in a hearing before Preston Magistrates’ Court.

The bench was told how the 50-year-old carried out a night time burglary on Hall Street in the city, and that the victim was put in fear.

The court heard the offence, on May 5, was “preplanned”, made it more serious.

Prosecutors said Burrell stole two i-Pods, an i-Mac, a wallet and an Eastpak rucksack during the break in

He was given six months in prison, suspended for 18 months, with supervision.

He was ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.

He must also pay the home owner compensation for the stolen goods.

Inmate had an illegal substance

A prisoner at HMP Preston has been given a further 12 weeks in jail after being caught with an illegal substance in his cell.

Stefan Taylor, of no fixed abode, was caught with a psychoactive substance called 5F-ADB on December 2 last year, Preston Magistrates’ Court heard.

He admitted unlawfully having a psychoactive substance, in a custodial institution, intending to consume it.The chemical is a highly potent form of synthetic cannabinoid.

The 29-year-old inmate was ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge.

He also pleaded guilty to wilfully obstructing a constable in the execution of his duty on the same day, after the court was told a “stopping officer” intervened.

Court snaps

Ryan Jones, 22, of New Rough Hey, Ingol, Preston, was given a curfew after admitting stealing scratchcards from a shop and must pay £1,500 compensation, an £85 surcharge, and £85 costs.

Paul Dean, 23, Vernon Crescent, Galgate, was found guilty of having a faulty tyre and must pay a £440 fine, £44 surcharge and £85 costs.

Laura Dewhurst, 50, of Ansdell Road, Blackpool, was found guilty of assaulting a PC and being disorderly on Moor Park and must pay £50 compensation, a £120 fine, £30 surcharge and £225 costs.

Yvonne Bamber, 39, of New Hall Lane, Preston, was jailed for 16 weeks after admitting stealing cosmetics.

Gareth Green, 37, of Alexandra Road, Lancaster, was banned from a Lancaster social club and must pay £100 compensation, £85 costs and an £85 surcharge after admitting assaulting a woman and abusive behaviour

Jordan Tait, 18, of Acregate Lane, Preston, admits damaging a McDonalds’ sign and must pay a £40 fine and £30surcharge.

Daniel Bhanot, 24, of Maxy House Road, Cottam, Preston, admits failing to stop after an accident and driving without due care and attention, and must pay a £275 fine and £150 costs.

Billy Clare, 30, of Claremont Crescent, Morecambe, was jailed for 16 weeks and given a restraining order after admitting assaulting a woman and criminal damage

Daniel Lee, 28, Samuel Street, Callon, Preston, was jailed for 10 weeks after admitting obstructing a PC, and driving while banned and uninsured.

Mark Wright, 39, of Carlisle Street, Preston, admits criminal damage and must pay a £80 fine and £100 compensation.