Kirkham man campaigns to help the hedgehogs after cruel firework attack on baby hog

A man from Kirkham is raising money for a Preston hedgehog charity after a baby hog was deliberately killed with a firework.

By Matthew Calderbank
Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 3:47 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 4:42 pm
Preston Hedgehog Rescue are raising money for an incubator to help care for hogs through the winter months
Preston Hedgehog Rescue are raising money for an incubator to help care for hogs through the winter months

Kirkham travel agent Matthew Hinchcliffe was moved to set up a Go Fund Me campaign following the cruel attack in Longton just days after Bonfire Night.

Police were called to Pendlebury Close on Friday, November 8 after reports that a firework had been strapped to a hog's head and lit.

The hog suffered significant injuries after the firework exploded and had to be euthanised.

Mark Allison of Preston Hedgehog Rescue

PCSO Michael Mitchinson, who has been investigating the cruel act, said the culprit has yet to be identified.

"Unfortunately, I have had nobody come forward with any information. No arrests have been made", said the South Ribble PCSO.

Mr Hinchcliffe launched an appeal to raise money for Preston Hedgehog Rescue on November 10 with a target of £500.

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Hedgehog dies after firework is lit while attached to its head
This hog had to be euthanised after a firework was strapped to its head and set off in Pendlebury Close, Longton on November 8. Pic: Preston Hedgehog Rescue

"After the horrific attack on a hedgehog by attaching a firework to its head, I’m raising money for a much needed incubator to help these amazing people to care for the rescue hogs.

"So 36 hours after I launched this appeal to help the Preston Hedgehog Rescue, we smashed the target together", said Mr Hinchcliffe.

"Your help is so much appreciated. Thank you. I’ve decided to keep the link open and make a few general changes over the next few days and continue to support the work that the rescue do.

"Please help with the continuing campaign to support the rescue through the winter months and to support projects in 2020."

A Go Fund Me campaigner has been set up to help support Preston Hedgehog Rescue through the winter months

What is a hedgehog incubator?

Incubators can be an invaluable part of a hedgehog rescue, as it keeps their temperatures regulated and this helps them to maintain body weight and encourages them to use their own resources to heal and grow.

From tiny babies weighing just a few grams to fully grown adult hogs, from broken legs to dog attacks and from lung worm infections to malnourished hedgehogs, incubators help to heal them all.

The fundraiser has helped pay for a 466 incubator for Preston Hedgehog Rescue

They can even be used post operations to help hogs heal and recover quicker.