Killer waved knife in bar on night out

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A killer who flashed a knife in a Preston restaurant and threatened to “do a copper” has been put behind bars.

Christopher Maunder, 55, told the barman at Cow Bar and Grill in Cannon Street he was looking for a room for the night as it would be his last night out in Preston for 10 or 15 years.

Maunder, of no fixed address, had already served a sentence for manslaughter after killing a man in a knife attack in 2004.

On May 29 2013, Maunder was speaking to the barman when he reached into his pocket and showed he was carrying a knife, saying: “I shouldn’t have done that.”

He then said: “I’m going to do a cop. It might be more than one.”

He left the restaurant and headed to Preston covered market where he ws arrested close to the Black-a-Moor Head pub.

While on remand he told a probation officer: “I murdered someone eight years ago. That’s why I carry a knife.”

He said if he returned to Swansea, Wales, there would be two bodies - his own and a victim.

Maunder pleaded guilty to two counts of making threats to kill.

Judge Stuart Baker, sentencing, said: “When I look at your past I see that nine years ago you were convicted of and sentenced for an offence of manslaughter which was an offence committed by you with the use of a knife.

“You served a very lengthy term of imprisonment.

“On May 23, you were in possession of a knife. You had, as I understand it, had an earlier altercation with a neighbour. You went to a pub and in a calm manner, albeit that you might have been affected by alcohol. You expressed an intention to the barman to use the knife that you had to kill or in your words ‘to do’ one police officer or possibly two, such that you envisaged being sentenced for an extremely long period of time.”

The court heard Maunder has a diagnised personality disorder and has little empathy.

Judge Baker said he considered Maunder to pose a risk to the public and sentenced him to three years with a five year extended period of licence.

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