Kill threat texts man sent to jail

Jailed: Robert McSpirit
Jailed: Robert McSpirit
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A man who sent terrifying text messages to two women making threats to torture them and kidnap their children has been jailed.

Robert McSpirit, 26, pleaded guilty to two offences of putting the women in fear of violence after sending a raft of violent and abusive messages in July and August last year.

Both women were the ex partners of McSpirit’s friends but after acrimonious separations, McSpirit took it upon himself to terrorise the women.

One message read: “Your daughter is going to get kidnapped and given to someone that can look after her properly. Someone that has a job and doesn’t have to scrounge off benefits.”

McSpirit continued with threats to kill the woman and bury her on Beacon Fell. He wrote: “When you see a dark figure with a bally on it is time to die.”

Police officers traced the phone back to McSpirit’s ex-partner in Huddersfield, who said her ex was using the phone and had moved back to Preston with it. McSpirit then contacted the woman on Facebook asking why she had contacted the police, and telling her: “I’m not a violent person. I just wind people up.”

During the same period McSpirit, of Birch Avenue, Penwortham, also bombarded another ex partner of a friend with violent text messages, threatening to scalp her, set her on fire and take her daughter. The woman told police: “I have been very distressed and shaken up. I am afraid to go out. I’m unable to stay in my house and have been staying with a friend for a few days.”

The woman’s ex partner was arrested on suspicion of sending the text messages but released without charge when it transpired it was McSpirit who had been making the threats.

Preston Crown Court heard McSpirit has a psychotic disorder and was himself vulnerable. He admitted the offences and said he was only joking when he sent the texts.

But Judge Pamela Badley, sentencing, said: “No-one reading these messages could take them as anything other than very disturbing and terrifying messages. Why you had intervened in circumstances where your friend had broken up with his ex partner is not easy to understand. For these serious offences it seems to me I would be letting the victims down if I did not come to the conclusion that this was a matter that was so serious it was a custodial case.”

She jailed him for 12 months,