Jon-Jo murder trial hears ‘doubts over alibis’

Jon-jo Highton
Jon-jo Highton
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The jury in the Jon-Jo Highton murder trial has been hearing that mobile phone evidence does not match up with the account given to the police by John Wilding – who is accused of helping to get rid of one of the cars used in the attack.

Wilding, whose partner Natasha Tunstall is the sister of murder accused Joshua Bore and co-defendant Liam Tunstall, is alleged to have been involved in moving a Vauxhall Vectra from Preston to a “dump site” in Sunnyhurst Woods car park, Darwen, where it was later found.

An attempt had been made to burn the vehicle out.

Wilding gave the police an account of his movements on Sunday August 24 but cell site evidence recovered from his mobile phone billing details led the prosecution to contend the account he gave was not true.

Neil Flewitt QC, prosecuting, said: “Put simply, the phone could have been where the prosecution suggest and could not have been where Wilding suggested in interview.”

The prosecution alleges that on hearing Jon-Jo had died, Liam Tunstall set about making arrangements for the car to be destroyed and a false alibi provided for his younger brother Bore – enlisting Wilding’s help.

Bore denies being present in St Stephen’s Road, Deepdale, when Jon-Jo was attacked by eight men armed with knives, a sword and an axe. Instead he claims to have been staying at the house his sister shares with Wilding in Darwen.

Owen Whitesmith, 19, of Glebe Close Fulwood; Arron Graham, 23, Ripon Street, Preston; Stephen Walton, 24, of no fixed address; Craig Walton, 26, of Watling Street Road, Fulwood; Joshua Bore, 19, of Morris Road, Ribbleton; Zaahid Patel, 20, of Park Avenue, Preston; Mohammed Sabbah Dal, 20, of Alice Square, Preston; and Minhaj Musa, 21, of Deepdale Road, Preston, all deny murder.

Liam Tunstall, 26, of Mark Close, Penwortham; John Wilding, 36, of Everton Street, Darwen, and Stuart Eastham, 32, Gisburn Road, Ribbleton, deny assisting an offender.