JAILED: Preston man sentenced to four years for stabbing attack

Blood splattered scene where his victim was found
Blood splattered scene where his victim was found
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A late night reveller who stabbed a man in Preston city centre after he was refused entry to a nightclub has been jailed for four years.

Richard Watkins, 21, left his victim with a severed bicep muscle and nerve damage when he slashed him across the arm after the man had punched him in the head.

Jailed: Richard Watkins

Jailed: Richard Watkins

Preston Crown Court heard Watkins was in a group of four men who were turned away from The Loft in Glovers Court because they were not dressed according to the club’s door policy.

The men walked away but returned to the area a short while later.

One of the doormen saw Watkins being chased by Christopher Lord - who had been behaving aggressively outside the club.

It was only after Mr Lord caught up with him and punched him in the head that Watkins produced the knife from his trousers and stabbed him. Mr Lord continued to chase Watkins and his friends, leaving a trail of blood in the street up Glovers Court and outside Waterstones.

Police officers saw blood pouring from Mr Lord’s arm and he was given first aid at the scene before he was transferred to Royal Preston Hospital where he received surgery for his injuries.

The area around Waterstones was cordoned off and shoppers were awoken to blood splattered around the street.

Watkins did not give a statement to the police but a craft knife was recovered a short distance away with his DNA on the handle and Mr Lord’s blood on the blade.

Watkins, of Samuel Street, Preston, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Recorder of Preston Judge Anthony Russell QC, said: “This was a stabbing which occurred in the centre of Preston in the early hours of June 28.

“The incident appears to have started when you were turned away from a nightclub in that area. The complainant in this case - the victim as he is properly called - Christopher Lord, was in that area. He appears to have chased you and your basis of plea indicated that he was aggressive when you first encountered him and was threatening violence against you and your friends.

“You, after the initial argument, ran away from the club pursued by Christopher Lord who carried out the first incident of violence by punching you to the head.

“If things had stopped at that stage you wouldn’t have been in any sort of trouble before the courts at all and the only person who could have been properly criticised would be Mr Lord.

“Unfortunately the situation did not end there as you were carrying a knife which you should not have been carrying and you took that knife out in front of Mr Lord. Unfortunately you went further than using it to fend him off in the sense of wielding it to make him steer clear and you accept that you did use that knife upon him, causing the injury and you recognise that you went beyond lawful self defence.”

He jailed Watkins for 45 months.