JAILED: Burglar foiled by Chorley chip shop owner

TARGETS: Karzan Omar and Katarzyna Sulecka foiled burglar Jason Cassidy
TARGETS: Karzan Omar and Katarzyna Sulecka foiled burglar Jason Cassidy
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A young family foiled a brazen thief when he casually strolled past their chippy the day after trying to burgle them.

Karzan Omar, 36, says he was terrified when he spotted intruder Jason Cassidy trying to get into their flat in the dead of night as daughter Hanna, two, and partner Katarzyna, 28, were sleeping.

Mr Omar had been lying on the couch in their home, above Harry’s Fish Bar in Moor Road, Chorley, when he saw a figure on his CCTV camera.

The family woke when shocked Karzan shouted at the intruder who ran away.

But bungling Jason Cassidy walked past the fish bar the very next day and was recognised by Mr Omar, who promptly rang the police, leading to his arrest.

Mr Omar said: “ I was about to go to sleep when I glanced at my CCTV. I saw a figure lean in through the bathroom window - I feared for my baby.

“I didn’t know if he had a knife or gun.

“When I saw him the next day I wanted to chase him but I knew it was safer to leave it to the police. It was stupid of him to think he wouldn’t be recognised.”

Cassidy was arrested, but the pending case was not enough to deter him from his life of crime.

Three days before Christmas, he robbed 65-year-old Kathleen Jackson as she got into her car, after collecting her 94-year-old’s mother’s pension from Devonshire Road post office.

A motorist saw him running away and was able to point police to a wooded area where he had stashed the loot.

Father-of-three Cassidy, 39, of Thirlmere Road, Chorley, was jailed for 28 months after admitting burglary and robbery at Preston’s Sessions House court.

He claimed he was desperate for money after a benefits issue, and needed to get his children’s Christmas presents from a pawn shop.