Jail for transgender beautician who assaulted police constable

A transgender beautician has been locked up for attacking a constable weeks after she avoided jail for pushing an off-duty police officer onto the Tube track.

Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 6:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 6:11 pm
Court news

On February 20, Paris Bregazzi, 30, was handed a six-month jail term suspended for two years over an incident at Hanger Lane Station in Ealing, west London.

But she landed in the dock again for kneeing a constable in the chest and spraying perfume at a security guard at Waterloo Station.

Old Bailey Judge Rebecca Poulet QC noted Bregazzi had been treated "compassionately" over the Tube incident in light of her "considerable personal problems".

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But she jailed her for 10 months for the "protection of the public".

Last July, Bregazzi had drunk four bottles of Prosecco and was arguing with a friend on the platform of Hanger Lane Station in Ealing, west London when Pc Sam Chegwin intervened.

Pc Chegwin pushed her in the chest in a defensive manner, ignorant of the fact she had recently had extensive breast surgery.

Bregazzi reacted by shoving him with force, sending him toppling onto the track, just inches from the line with a fast train seven minutes away.

Sentencing on February 20, Recorder Jeremy Dein QC told her it was lucky Pc Chegwin was not seriously hurt.

He said: "The fact is he could have been killed by falling and hitting his head, electrocuted or hit by an on-coming train but mercifully he maintained his consciousness and composure and managed to clamber back onto the platform."

The suspended sentence was referred to the Attorney General, who decided against any further action having read transcripts of the case.

On March 5, Bregazzi was seen on Stockwell Road, south London, acting "aggressively" to two elderly ladies at a bus stop and throwing wheelie bins in the street.

She lobbed a brick into the road, smashing the window of a parked Ford Fiesta, before walking in front of a bus, which swerved to avoid her, the court heard.

She went on to knee arresting officer Pc Florina Russ in the chest before being restrained by colleagues.

In interview, she explained she was "not in a good mood".

Bregazzi was on bail when she sprayed Lady Million perfume by Paco Rabanne at security officer Rashpal Mudahar at Waterloo Station on March 10.

She went on to cause £200 damage to a cell at Brixton police station by throwing food at the walls, covering them in tomato ketchup.

Crystal meth was found stuffed inside her bra, but she was not charged over it, the court heard.

Bregazzi admitted assault and criminal damage and was brought from custody at Thameside men's jail to be sentenced.

The defendant, who wore a leopard print dress, was also dealt with for breaching her suspended sentence.

Mitigating, James Kelly described her as a "very damaged individual who is in emotional pain" and has a "problem with people in uniform".

He said transitioning from one sex to another was "difficult enough" without having to deal with others' attitudes.

He told the court that Bregazzi was due to be transferred to Belmarsh prison from Thameside.

Bregazzi has 64 previous convictions and has been diagnosed with a histrionic personality disorder.

Judge Poulet activated the suspended sentence and added four more months in prison for the assaults.

The defendant was also given eight weeks for criminal damage to run concurrently.