Jail for Preston thug who attacked mum who turned down his sexual advances

Levi Iddon
Levi Iddon
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A former football coach who left a dog walker with a shattered skull when she spurned his sexual advances in the street has been jailed for two years and nine months.

Levi Angol-Iddon, 20, of Callon Street, was jailed 18 months after the offence, in which he kicked the mum-of-one in the face, fracturing her skull, when she turned down his advances.

He had denied the offence, claiming she had been 
abusive to him and he had pushed her in self defence – but a jury found him guilty of grievous bodily harm.

Prosecuting, Julian Taylor said the defendant had been with a group of men near an off licence on the Callon 
estate in Preston in July 2013 when he shouted a sexual comment to the victim, who was alone.

She replied: “Go look your face in a mirror.”

Moments later he kicked her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

She managed to call for help from a mobile phone.

Mr Taylor added: “ She felt stressed and worried after the attack. She couldn’t forget it. She doesn’t like to go out much.”

Defending, Jonathan 
Dickinson said he didn’t “seek to trivialise the injury caused” but asked the judge to 
consider it did not constitute “greater harm” for the 
purpose of sentencing him.

He added: “He did not 
obviously intend or anticipate such a serious injury would be caused as a result of that single blow.

“This offence is undoubtedly more serious than any he has previously committed.

“He is upset about the 
injuries he has caused and that he’s placed himself in this predicament and the effect on those that are close to him.”

He added friends and family who were supporting him 
believed his behaviour to be “out of character”.

But Judge Stuart Baker, 
sitting at Preston Crown Court, said his unprovoked violence had led to “life changing consequences” for her, adding: “Any member of public realises if you deliver a blow to the head, it is a matter of chance as to how serious the injury could be – it could be minor, it could be serious, it could be fatal.

“That is the risk you run in engaging in that kind of 
environment and that kind of aggressive behaviour.”

The victim, who gave 
evidence behind screens, 
previously told the Evening Post how she feared for her life at the time, adding: “He was like an animal. Some 
animals wouldn’t do this.”

She said: “All the time I was thinking ‘what will happen if I don’t get up? What will happen to my children?

“Now I think thank God I’m not disabled and I can see my children.”

She spent three days in hospital, and has been forced to move away from the area she has lived in since she came to the UK to work nine years ago, and has changed her daughter’s school.

She was unable to work for nine months due to stress and trauma, and still suffers headaches.