Jail for man who attacked drinking buddy

Must archive'Preston Crown Court in Preston city centre / view
Must archive'Preston Crown Court in Preston city centre / view
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A drunk man who set upon a drinking buddy and a friend’s daughter when he was asked to leave the house has been jailed.

Marcus Satterley, 53, who has a history of attacking people while drunk will spend two years behind bars after his latest outburst at a house in Morecmabe.



Preston Crown Court heard Satterley was drinking at the house with the householder and another friend on December 17.

When the householder’s daughter came to collect her mo0ther to take her shopping, Satterley was asked to leave but he became abusive towards the younger woman and the other man who was drinking with him.

As they left the house, Satterley, of Clarenden Road, Morecame, punched the other man, causing him to fall backwards into the open door.

While the man was on the floor, Satterley stamped on him with his shoe on and continued the attack.

The younger woman went to call the police and tried to drag Satterley off the othetr man before he stamped on him agaoin but Satterley turned to her and grabbed her by the front of her jacket , pushing her away.

The man was taken to hospital and received 10 sutures.

Satterley pleaded guilty to wounding and common assault at the first opportunity at Preston Crown Court.

Judge Soimon Newell, sentencing, said: “Your difficulties are caused by your taking of excess alcohol while you are at liberty. It is up to you whether you choose to address that in prison or not but if you don’t you are going to continue to go back to prison You pose a very high risk of harm.”

He jailed Satterley for two years.