Investigation in Preston police officer’s ‘sleazy order’

Divisional police headquarters on Lancaster Road North
Divisional police headquarters on Lancaster Road North
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A married detective allegedly had a woman’s underwear posted to a Preston police station so his wife would not find out.

Det Sgt Mark Burns is now under investigation after 
allegedly buying a pink thong from a young woman he 
contacted through a fetish website for £20.

The officer, who is based at the Preston Operational 
Centre in Lancaster Road, has been placed on alternative 
duties pending the outcome of the investigation.

It is alleged he bought the underwear from a 20-year-old woman who started selling the items to make extra money 
after losing her job.

She told a national 
newspaper she received a message from Det Sgt Burns, complimenting her on her 
figure and asking her to make a video.

But she said she was 
horrified to discover her latest client was a cop and wanted her to post her pants to the 
police station where he worked.

She claims he told her: “I’m married and don’t want my wife to open them up.

“I ask for them to be posted to where I work. The big thing is I work in a police station. Is that OK with you? I’ve had pairs of pants ­delivered here before.”

She added: “I was pretty shocked when he sent me the address of a police station. He was very forward about it.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed in a statement the matter is being investigated.

The spokesman said: “This matter has been referred to our Professional ­Standards Department who are undertaking an investigation.

“The officer has been placed on ­alternative duties while this investigation is carried out.”