Illegal tobacco stashed behind fake CCTV camera

New Hall Lane, Preston
New Hall Lane, Preston
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A shop director and the firm he worked for have been ordered to pay more than £4,000 in fines and costs after a crackdown on the sale of illicit tobacco in the New Hall Lane area of Preston.

A stash of 416 illegal products were found in a secret hinged panel behind a fake CCTV camera in the Krakow store.

Sabir Sadiq, 30, of Mercer Street, Preston, was the director of Wiejska Chata Ltd, which ran Krakow and Wiejska Chata at the time of some of the offences, and was found guilty of two counts of selling tobacco products without health warnings.

He must pay a £165 fine, £20 surcharge and £598 costs while Preston Magistrates’ Court ordered the firm to pay a £1,200, £120 surcharge and £2,000 costs, after being convicted of four similar offences.

The bench heard trading standards officers visited Krakow four times between May and October 2014.

In the first, a Polish-speaking volunteer bought a packet which had been kept behind some vegetables on a shelf.