'As if the police do not have enough to do!' - Readers react to South Ribble Council swearing row

Readers have vented their frustrations online this morning following the news that police were called because a councillor used the F-word in a heated committee meeting.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 12:52 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 1:57 pm
Pictured left, Coun Paul Wharton, right, Coun Ken Jones

The clash came as the general licensing committee discussed relaxing the age restrictions on taxi vehicles.

Now Labour member Ken Jones has apologised - and accused Tory Paul Wharton of “wasting police time.”

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Police called in after F-word used in a South Ribble Council meeting

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Pictured left, Coun Paul Wharton, right, Coun Ken Jones

These are people who should be caring for our resources not wasting them. Yes I agree the language was inappropriate but surely there is some kind of internal protocol for dealing with this.

Susanne Higgins

Yet if your burgled they dont show up !

Gill Foy

Shame on who ever called the police , the resources are already cut back as they are. I live in Calderdale and it took the police ages to come tome and I was being threatened by 6 youths, anti social behaviour is bad on this estate. They even said they know where I live and should move out they own this estate. I live in a specially adapted bungalow and have a walking aid. !!!

Michelle Potts

As if the police do not have enough to do!

Yvonne Bolton

Firstly - utterly ridiculous to call the police in this case, the councillor in question should absolutely be charged with wasting police time.

But secondly - the police actually attended??? That is equally stupid.

Jonathan Harmer

Over sensitive? just a tad! Worlds gone mad. The police should never have attended such pettiness, no one was at risk

Aimee Wharton

Put a shilling in the swear box

Ron Umberto

How bloody ridiculous. If you run to Police for bad words for goodness sake you are way to sensitive in local government. They use worse language than that on TV! Burglaries, Assaults a daily occurrence and this soft arse can’t deal with words, it beggars belief.

Joan Ellen Gibbons