‘I have not raped anyone’ accused tells jury

Must archive'Preston Crown Court in Preston city centre / view
Must archive'Preston Crown Court in Preston city centre / view
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A WOMAN has told a court she was raped when she shared a hotel room with alleged sex attacker Robert Lloyd.

Lloyd, 64, denies rape and sexual assault of the young women after taking them to the same hotel in Blackpool.

Both women said they woke to find Lloyd sexually assaulting them.

The second woman claimed she was drunk, seeing double and very sleepy when Lloyd raped her.

But Lloyd, of Peplow Road, Heysham, said: “She was nowhere near drunk.

Lloyd told the court the woman had begged him to take her to Blackpool with him and he eventually agreed, despite doing the business he needed to do earlier in the week.

They shared a hotel room and Lloyd gave her the money he would have spent on a second room.

He said the two women had “got their heads together” and were making malicious allegations to try and get money.

He added: “I have had very many women. I have been called a womaniser many a time. I am known for it.

“I worked the nightclub doors for 20 odd years and I’m not really interested in little girls. “

The court also heard evidence from the hotelier who confirmed at the time the first woman alleged she was assaulted by Lloyd there were no double rooms with baths.

However the woman insisted she had been attacked by Lloyd and had locked herself in the bathroom and slept in the bath.

Lloyd said: “I have threatened no-one. I’ve raped no-one. Those two girls have got their heads together and I know what it’s for. It’s for money because they haven’t got any.”

Lloyd also denied threatening the women and telling them not to tell anyone.

He said: “There is no truth in any of it. I think we are finding that out.”