“I don’t think you should go out anymore this is scary.” Readers react to news of latest surge in needle spiking

FOLLOWING reports an 18-year-old woman was spiked by injection after a night out last weekend in Preston, worried readers have taken to social media to express their concern over the growing trend.

Tuesday, 26th October 2021, 3:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th October 2021, 1:20 pm
What a needle spike to the skin may look like.

One user wrote: “Beggars belief this it really does.”

Another said: “This is absolutely terrifying. They should be locked up for a very long time when caught.”

“I was in hospital Saturday night came down off ward for a cigarette and there was 2 women outside one completely gone in a wheelchair and her friend telling paramedics she had been spiked with something not sure the outcome or if she was but its awful amount of people it is happening to now.”

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Another added: “This is just getting stupid now. After everything that’s happened why can’t we all just go out and enjoy ourselves without the worry! Don’t we deserve it!!

“This is enough to put anyone off going out and having a good time. Can we just go back to the good days without much worry!”

One lady was of the mindset that clubs should bring back searching everyone before entering the premises: “Need to start searching everybody and everyone should have a walk through one of them metal detector things they have at airports.”

“Scary, reading this a lot recently … seems to be the new thing.”

While one lady sadly interjected with “I don’t think you should go out anymore this is scary.”

Georgia Hills says she blacked out whilst partying with friends in Switch nightclub last Saturday. She was then taken to A&E at Royal Preston Hospital where a puncture wound was found in her leg which medics confirmed was the result of a needle.

She is currently awaiting test results to discover what type of drug was injected into her body.