Husband in hot water for falsely blaming his wife over drink drive crash in Preston

Magistrates' Court
Magistrates' Court

A married couple blamed each other for a drink drive crash when astonished police arrived at the scene.

David Smith, 55, later admitted he was the guilty motorist - but not before claiming his wife Julie, a care assistant, was responsible for ploughing into a 20mph sign near their home on Bowlingfield, Ingol, Preston, on October 12.

She was then arrested over the false claim.

Preston Magistrates’ Court heard officers arrived at 11.25pm to find Mrs Smith, in her dressing gown, sitting in the gold Peugeot 206 with her husband.

Prosecuting, Philippa White said: “The officer approached the driver’s side and on opening door a strong smell of alcohol hit him.

“There were no keys in the ignition and Mr Smith was not wearing a seatbelt. Julie Smith produced the keys from her pocket.

“His eyes were glazed, his speech slurred and he appeared drunk.

“He said he was not driving and pointed to his wife.

“This got his wife angry and she shouted: ‘Don’t you dare blame me for this - you were driving.’

“They had to be separated as they continued arguing and telling each other to stop lying.”

An officer found the driver’s seat was pushed far back, leading him to suspect Mr Smith had been the driver.

The court heard Mr Smith then became obstructive and abusive, making homophobic comments to officers.

He told one officer he was “gay” and told him to “come out of the closet.”

Mr Smith had provided a roadside breath reading of 93 but then failed to give a sample at the police station.

He has pleaded guilty to failing to give a breath specimen.

The court heard he had been a funeral before the offence.

In interview he said he was “very sorry” for implicating his wife.

Defending, Simon Gretton said: “ He been with Julie Smith for 10 years. She is here today at the back of court.

“One can imagine the following day he would have had some explaining to do. It hasn’t been forgotten, but it would appear she is prepared to forgive him for what’s gone on.

The bench imposed eight weeks suspended for a year, with a 30 month ban. He must pay £85 costs.