‘Hubbie is innocent’ wife tells abuse trial

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The wife of a man standing trail, accused of sexually abusing three teenage girls in the 1980s and 90s has told a court: “I don’t believe my husband is capable of such a thing.”

Giving evidence at Preston Crown Court, Tracey Hayes-Danson, 45, said she believed the women were telling lies about her husband out of bitterness and jealousy.

Mrs Hayes-Danson described one of the women as a “drama queen” and said another had “always been arrogant and bolshy.”

Describing one woman, who earlier in the trial told the court she believed she had been in a relationship with Robert Hayes-Danson from the age of 12 to 14, Mrs Hayes-Danson said: “She has been poking a stick at me and my children, but not Bob.

“She is jealous of our relationship because hers is not as good as ours, of our friends, our holidays and our social life.

“That is her character. It is her pattern of behaviour.”

Mrs Hayes-Danson told the jury she believed the woman had told “a pack of lies” about her husband in order to hurt her.

She said she believed the other two women to have made complaints about her husband were trying to “give backbone” to the woman’s story.

Speaking of the evening in August last year when three women came to her home to confront her about the allegations, Mrs Hayes-Danson said: “That whole night and the week afterwards is a bit like a blur.

“I was just in a world of my own.

“Me and Bob spoke and tried to understand why they would do this with no reason. To do this to Bob?

“That is what we thought. Why? Why are they doing this?”

Mr and Mrs Hayes-Danson have been married 21 years and been together for 30 years.

Defending her husband, Mrs Hayes-Danson said: “If I thought Bob had done such a thing or was capable of such things I would leave him.”

In a police statement shortly after Danson’s arrest, Mrs Hayes-Danson described him as “a good husband and father.”

Danson, 46, of Birch Avenue, Newton with Scales, denies 11 counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecency with a child.

The trial continues.