Homeless man steals from woman who tried to help him

JAILED: Lee Wilson
JAILED: Lee Wilson
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A man burgled a victim who had sympathetically given him work because he was homeless.

Lee Jonathan Wilson, of The Court Yard, Church Street, Preston, has been jailed after Preston Magistrates’ Court heard how he tried to steal from the female victim’s garden shed.

The woman had given him a gardening job in pity after realising he was homeless.

But he returned the favour by trying to steal her daughter’s bike.

The 35-year-old had denied a count of entering a building as a trespasser on June 14 this year, but he was found guilty after a trial.

At his sentencing hearing, the court heard he had a history of other burglary offences.

The magistrates’ bench said imposing a prison sentence was necessary due his record and because the case had an element of a breach of trust.

Defending him, Mr James Ball said he had obtained accommodation since the offences were committed.

Wilson was also sentenced for stealing an in car security camera worth £200 on August 2 in Preston, which he had previously pleaded guilty to.

The bench ruled custody must be imposed for this offence too, because he had a history of dishonesty type crimes on his record.

He was imprisoned for 44 weeks for both offences.

His solicitor told the Evening Post he was planning to appeal the length of his sentence.