Higher Walton murder: Son mutilated father's body after killing him, court told

A Higher Walton man who killed both his parents in a frenzied knife attack also mutilated his father’s body, a court has heard.

Lee Tipping, 36, stabbed his dad Anthony Tipping and his mum Patricia Livesey to death in their Cann Bridge Street home on November 20 2021, just a few hours after they had argued about Lee Tipping breaking down a bedroom door.

Medical experts took the stand at his trial at Preston Crown Court today to describe the extent of the couple's injuries.

Dr John Metcalfe, who attended the scene of the crime, said: "I went in, led by police … toward the top of the stairs there was the body of an adult female, Patricia Livesey, lying on the grey carpeted floor on her back, turned somewhat to the right, with her feet and legs extending down the staircase.

Anthony Tipping and Patricia Livesey

"At the top of the stairs there was a landing with a bathroom, in which there was the body of Anthony Tipping, also positioned face up on his back, with his T-shirt pulled up, and there were numerous stab wounds visible."

Mr Tipping had been stabbed more than 130 times, including at least 65 times in the chest and 15 times in the abdomen.

He also suffered a number of 'unusual' injuries, which were believed to have been inflicted after his death.

Pathologist Dr Alison Armor told the court there were stab wounds to Anthony Tipping’s genital area which were “post-mortem in nature” and “very unusual”.

Patricia Livesey and Anthony Tipping with their son Lee, who is accused of murdering the couple

Lee Tipping claimed these wounds were caused by him 'chucking' a knife at his father, but Dr Armor said this did not line up with the evidence.

"There are five stab wounds. Two of these stab wounds needed force to inflict," she said.

"The other wounds are caused by a slashing motion which is inconsistent with a single 'chuck'."

She added that there were “areas of burning” to Anthony Tipping.

Mrs Livesey had been stabbed more than 150 times, including 67 times in the chest, 39 in the abdomen, 10 in the neck, and three times around the eyes.

Both parents had also been beaten before they died, with Mrs Livesey suffering a black eye and a shoulder injury consistent with being hit with a blunt weapon.

After killing his parents, Tipping - who admits manslaughter but denies murder - booked a last-minute flight to Rome and drove to Manchester Airport, where he checked into a nearby Premier Inn hotel under a fake name.

When he was arrested at around 7.30pm on November 21, he claimed he had acted in self defence, as his father was 'a monster' who would 'fight to the death'.

He had a number of cuts to his hands, which Dr Metcalfe said were 'very, very likely' to have been caused by the knife slipping as he stabbed his parents.

But he said: "However, they could also have been consistent with a defensive action, such as he was trying to grab a knife which was being waved at him."