Gang hunt for internet ‘troll’

April Jones who was abducted while out playing near her home in the Bryn Y Gog estate in Machynlleth, Mid Wales on Monday night.
April Jones who was abducted while out playing near her home in the Bryn Y Gog estate in Machynlleth, Mid Wales on Monday night.
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Police patrols are watching the home of a man who made “sick” comments about the abducted five-year-old April Jones on Facebook after his parents were visited by a “vigilante” gang.

Hundreds of users of the social networking site were outraged after seeing a “disgusting” message posted from the young Chorley man’s account.

A complaint was made to Lancashire Police, who along with Facebook are investigating the post, which also relates to the missing youngster Madeleine McCann.

And it has now been revealed that around 20 people went to the man’s parent’s house on Thursday night looking for him.

A post on the man’s Facebook account yesterday read: “Sorry to my friends and family that have been brought into all this, I’m not a bad guy just took a joke to far.

“I’ve apologised for what has been said theres nothing more what I can do so all this really ain’t going to sort anything nothing more to say on the matter apart from sorry again”

Online comments seemingly made by the man’s mother, who earlier condemned his actions and pleaded with users to stop the tirade, then said: “The police have been informed. The so called vigilante group have been to my house the police are now watching.

“i am not ok who would be. I am not sticking up for my son other than to say let the police deal with him. I dont like people banging on my door and scaring the life out of me, I dont like people wearing huddies looking threatening and menacing.

“And if those vigilantes are reading this maybe just maybe you might just stop and think that the law is on my side not yours if you want to carry on.”

“They didnt even take the time to find out if he was living here before banging on my door.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said officers were still making “active efforts” to find the man.

He said: “We will take appropriate action when we do manage to locate him.

“Last night a group of around 20 people went to the home address of this man and his parents and his parents contacted us. We sent a patrol out but by the time we arrived they had left the scene.

“We have some ongoing reassurance patrols. They were there last night and will be visiting his home address.”

April, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was last seen playing on her bike at 7.30pm on Monday near her home in Machynlleth, Wales.

Mechanic Mark Bridger, 46, has been arrested on suspicion of April’s murder.