Fylde dad jailed over threat to kill wife

Keith Hopkirk
Keith Hopkirk
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A raging husband who burst into his marital bedroom with a knife told police he intended to kill his wife, if their son had not intervened.

Keith Hopkirk, 59, grabbed a knife from the kitchen as his wife of 31 years was in bed at their home in Harbour Lane, Warton, shortly after having an argument.

He told their grown up son he was going to ‘finish her off’, before going upstairs with the blade.

Lancashire Police were called at around 3.50pm on October 21 to the incident.

Hopkirk, now of Sandringham Court, Ansdell, was jailed for 20 months after he pleaded guilty to making threats to kill.

Prosecuting, David Clarke said: “Police arrived within 15 minutes and were met by the couple’s son, who confirmed there had been an argument and that in the course of it, he had picked up a knife and gone to stab her.

“The defendant’s wife confirmed he told her he was going to kill her. She also claimed on another occasion he had tried to strangle her when she was in bed.

“The son said he followed his father upstairs and grabbed him and manage to pull the knife away from his hand.”

The blade was found in the hallway.

At the scene, Hopkirk told police he would have killed his wife.

However in a subsequent interview he claimed he could not remember the incident.

Defending, Paul Robinson described his underlying mental health difficulties, including bipolar disorder, and asked the judge to pass a suspended sentence.

He added: “It would appear this is an extremely isolated incident in a normally stable and loving family environment.”

But Judge Ian Leeming QC said: “You said you would have stabbed her. This is a very serious form of issuing a threat to kill in my view.”