Furious neighbour threatened driver with wiper blade during parking space row

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A raging neighbour who armed himself with a wiper blade in a row over a parking space has appeared in court.

Shaun Garrity, 39, of Birkdale Drive, Ashton, Preston, rained blows on the bonnet of a car, then pulled a wiper blade off his own car and used it to threaten the other driver, who was attending party at a house on the same street.

Prosecuting, William Donnelly said: “On August 30 last year a resident had a party. At about 11.30pm Mr Garrity came out onto the street shouting and swearing, it was clear he had taken umbridge at the parking of vehicles.

“He went up to the motor car and in his rage punched the bonnet several times, causing dents. He also made threats to the owner of the car who came out, telling him ‘not to park his f***ing car there again.

“He returned a short time later in possession of a wiper blade.

“He made as if to cause damage to another car but was challenged about that. By this time police had been called and he was arrested.”

Preston Crown Court heard since the incident Garrity had been banned from driving and so “as far as he’s concerned, parking a car should not be a problem for him.”

Defending, Kathryn Johnson said: “ The defendant’s frustration had been growing for some time because his neighbour had been having noisy parties that had been causing inconvenience for some time. His temper boiled over on this occasion.”

Garrity admits charges of public order offence and criminal damage.

Imposing 12 months supervision and six months alcohol treatment, Judge Recorder Thompson said: “ Your behaviour was inappropriate, aggressive and unnecessary, you were effectively out of control.”