Fraudster’s splurges on adult online chat rooms

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A fraudster used a woman’s bank account details to pay for access to online adult chat rooms, police have revealed.

Ahmed El Badoui Ganah, 20, of Tennyson Mill Court, Ribbleton, Preston, handed himself in at Preston Police Station in February after his victim - his friend’s mother - grew suspicious and told him she had reported him to the police.

Preston Magistrates Court heard the offences took place between December 10, 2013, and January 26, 2014.

Police said there had been 53 transactions from the account.

A police source said during interviews, Ganah told officers his first purchase was for a £69 lot of hair clips which he intended to sell on for £50.

He said his Jobseeker’s allowance had been taken from him and revealed he had stolen the details to “get back at” the woman’s husband who he alleged had been making remarks about him to people in their local mosque.

He admitted he had obtained her details by photographing a bank card he saw in the family’s house and had not intended to buy a lot.

However the spending spiralled out of control and he bought a total of £2,614.11 of goods.

In some cases he put an advert for products that never existed on e-Bay and bought them from himself so that cash from the bank account for the transaction would go into his own account.

Police said he had also spent money on access to adult chat rooms clothing and male grooming products.

Det Sgt John Crichton, of Preston CID, said: “He handed himself in and told officers he wanted to confess to a crime.

“He said he was only intending to spend a small amount but the spending soon spiralled out of control.”

Ganah admitted a count of committing fraud by false representation, by using card details from a bank account not belonging to him during a hearing at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

The magistrates bench ordered him to pay a £70 fine, £20 surcharge and £40 costs.

He was also ordered to pay back £2,614.11 in compensation to the Royal Bank of Scotland, who have since refunded money to the woman.

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