Fracas at church soup kitchen

St Wilfrid's Church, Preston
St Wilfrid's Church, Preston
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A couple who attended a soup kitchen shouted and swore at volunteer staff, a court heard.

But defending himself, Scott Robinson, 42, of Rothwell Crescent, Preston, told magistrates he and his partner had been attacked in the soup kitchen by other service users which had led to the incident.

Prosecuting, Martine Connah said Pete Carrington, the charity director of an organisation which runs a soup kitchen at St Wilfred’s Church, Preston, was working on July 14 when Robinson and his partner attended and immediately started to shout and swear at volunteers.

She said: “They were spoken to and warned they would have to leave. The woman continued and was ejected whilst service users were present.

“He then became aggressive. Both managed to knock a table over, scattering plates and cups everywhere.

“Other service users were seeking refuge from violent situations and were upset at what they saw.”

She added they were verbally abusive when police attended.

Robinson pleaded guilty to a public order offence at Preston Magistrates Court, but said the incident happened because the pair had been threatened outside the venue and were trying to get in.

Representing himself he said: “Me and my partner were verbally threatened.

“Before the police arrived we were assaulted by other services users of the soup kitchen.

“The police didn’t seem to be taking on board our side of the story. I do admit to swearing at police officer. But I had been grabbed by arms and thrown to floor.”

The bench accepted his explanation and granted a 12 month discharge. He must pay a £150 court charge and £85 costs and £20 surcharge.